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Accessible Virginia is now on-line. This is the companion to Virginia Tourism's website and provides extremely detailed access informaton about the Old Dominion.






Get connected to accurate travel information for persons with disabilities.


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If you have a disability, travel information can leave you feeling disconnected. You need more information than just symbols, phone numbers, charts, or brief descriptions. Welcome to the Web source for the most detailed travel access information.



Travel doesn't have to be an adventure!

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 The information contained in this website has been  selected for accuracy,  reliability, and  comprehensiveness.  Another key factor is attention to  detailed  data and  providing cross-disability information.


No charts or symbols or guides with access ratings.

  • Symbols seldom convey really useful information.
  • Accessibility guides with ratings rely on subjective criteria.


Our guiding principles:

  • Having the information necessary for making an informed choice.

  • Not having to call ahead for information.
  • Having access to travel professionals with experience in disability issues.

The name of our organization, The Opening Door, Inc., conveys our mission. We are opening doors to persons with hearing, visual, mobility, and cognitive disabilities so they can enjoy all that the world has to offer.


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